The Fuzzy Psycho Graphics Annex

Welcome to the Graphics Annex

This is the home for graphics I've made to share that don't realy belong on my main portfolio site. These graphics are free for use, with a few ground rules:

  • Please do not link directly to the images. Save them to your own computer, site, journal, or whatever(exeptions will be made if you ask nicely).
  • Do not re-distribute any of these images without my permission. If you ask you will probably recieve.
  • Credit all icons and banners to fuzzy_psycho.
  • You do not need to credit color bars as long as you use the whole code provided in the boxes - they link straight back to my journal.
  • I like to know where my work goes. A short e-mail or LJ comment would be nice, but is not required.

This site currently contains Live Journal Icons, Blank Icon Bases, Live Journal Graphics, Color Bars, Tengwar translations, and Wallpapers.

Direct any comments, questions, ect... to or post a comment in my journal..

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